Our Mission

Education. Awareness. Support.

Brandi’s Blessings is committed to spreading awareness about blood disorders, supporting families who deal with blood disorders, and educating the public on the seriousness of this issue and how they can help.

Blood disorders include Sickle Cell Anemia, Aplastic Anemia, Polycythemia Vera, and others that impact quality of life and add new stressors for sufferers. Many of these disorders have no cure, but they can be treated–and therefore require numerous doctor’s visits and hospital stays. These costs add up for families, especially those with young children, and Brandi’s Blessings helps families who need assistance with gas, lodging, co-pays, and other expenses.


Brandi’s Blessings also educates the public on the importance of regular doctor’s visits and awareness of the signs of blood disorders. We spread awareness through public speaking engagements, blood and bone marrow drives, and other events. Our goal is to increase awareness of blood disorders–one person at a time.


Our Founder

“If I only change one person’s life, I know my job is done.”

Brandi’s personal motto inspires her to bring help, peace, joy, and support to others facing obstacles. In 2009, Brandi was diagnosed with the blood disorder Aplastic Anemia, requiring countless doctor’s visits and significant time in the Children’s Hospital.

While in the hospital, she met many other patients and their families, some facing additional pressures with the lack of blood marrow matches as well as the many costs associated with a blood disorder.

This experience motivated Brandi to found Brandi’s Blessings as a way to support families and spread awareness about blood disorders.

Our Board of Directors

Brandi Lewis, President

Denise Lewis, Vice President

Connie Lewis, Co-Vice President

Ashley Lewis, Treasurer

Courtney Lewis, Secretary

Marcus Lawson, Board Member